Loudoun Launches Real-Time Bus Program

Loudoun Launches Real-Time Bus Program

It was only a matter of time.  With web-based programs and apps now available to let drivers know the exact location of the next speed trap, and to give weather-junkies a minute-minute forecast to know the second rain is scheduled to start, it’s now Loudoun County’s turn to add precision to its commuter bus services.

The county has launched a real-time bus information system to give commuter bus riders more accurate arrival times of their buses. “Bus Time” is a web-based tool that can be viewed using a browser on a mobile device, laptop or PC. This program helps riders plan their commute by allowing them to see the next several buses scheduled to arrive at any particular stop, according a statement issued today by Glen Barbour, the county’s Public Affairs and Communications Officer.

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Bus Time uses GPS technology and schedule/arrival data to calculate the arrival time of buses for specific stops and routes. It’s billed as providing “predicted times”, and not as a guarantee, and will only work for buses that are thirty minutes or less from their scheduled arrival time.

More information, including the link to the tool, is available at www.loudoun.gov/bustime, by contacting Loudoun County Transit at 703-771-5665, or by email at rideshare@loudoun.gov.