Loudoun Sheriff’s Deputies Help Save Another Life

Loudoun Sheriff’s Deputies Help Save Another Life

For the eighth time in the past year, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Deputies administering Naloxone have helped save someone’s life.

On Sept. 19, deputies found an unconscious, non-breathing woman on a Lovettsville sidewalk near the intersection of E Broad Way and S Loudoun St. Deputies determined she had symptoms of a suspected heroin overdose. After deputies administered Naloxone, the woman became conscious and alert. She was subsequently transferred to an area hospital.

Patrol deputies assigned to the Western Loudoun Station were first trained and equipped with the drug in December 2015, as part of a local pilot program, said LCSO spokesperson Kraig Troxell. Additionally, 133 Loudoun Sheriff’s Deputies were trained in May 2016 as part of a pilot project through Purdue Pharma and the National Sheriffs’ Association.

Naloxone, sometimes sold under the brand name “Narcan” is a medication that counters the effects of opioids, including heroin. As opioid abuses have increased in Loudoun County and across the country over the past few years, the Sheriff’s Office has put an extra emphasis on equipping its deputies with ways to combat overdoses.

“We’re giving our deputies a tool to help save lives,” Troxell said.