Luxury Shooting, Athletic Club Coming to One Loudoun

Luxury Shooting, Athletic Club Coming to One Loudoun

For Jeff Brown, business should be all about customer service. This is what led him and his fellow investors to launch an idea for something never before seen in the county — or the country.

Caliber Club, Shooting Sports, Inc., will be a club that brings together a versatile athletic training facility; a 16,718 square-foot indoor shooting facility with three separate and distinct ranges and digital simulators for training; meeting spaces; party rooms, billiards room, juice and smoothie bar, cigar bar and a signature café — all within a luxury setting that also includes member lounges, private locker rooms, massage rooms and saunas.

A view of the proposed club from Top Golf.

The club will be located next to Top Golf and iFly at the Commonwealth Center opposite One Loudoun.

“It’s really a different approach to the experience,” Brown said. “The whole destination is really all about young professionals and One Loudoun community members who are looking for entertainment that’s different, where they can go and socialize and do things together. Caliber Club is meant to complement and extend that experience.”

The facility will also offer athletic training, a multi-purpose dojo featuring functional fitness, Jiu-Jitsu, Krav-Maga, Muay-Thai, boxing, mixed martial arts and self-defense. The versatile training space will feature indoor and outdoor training areas for group athletics, yoga and spinning

Brown said he wants the club to be welcoming to newcomers and experienced members, while providing top-notch customer service to all. Women make up the largest demographic of newcomers to ranges, Brown said, first coming to learn for self defense but ultimate enjoying the training and the social aspect of the sports. Whether customers come to learn how to shoot or self defense like Jiu-Jitsu, he wants everyone to feel comfortable and welcomed.

“We want to make this a place where members want to spend time,” Brown said.

While there are numerous high-end gun clubs around the country, there are none that combine this level of luxury ranges, athletic facilities and other amenities with the quality customer service Brown wants Caliber Club to be known for.

While you will see bulldozers and earth movers actively on the property when driving down Rt.7, the club hopes to break ground on the facility in late 2017/early 2018 with an opening in early 2019.