Moving Superheroes: Jon Prince and Prince Movers

Moving Superheroes: Jon Prince and Prince Movers

“All hope is not lost.” With a superhero painted on their trucks and an inspirational promotional video about saving the day, Jon Prince and Prince Movers seem to understand what an epic adventure moving your family can be.

Prince said making customers feel comfortable during the upheaval of a family move is what made him decide to transition from working for a moving company to running his own.

“I saw what the other companies were lacking,” Prince said. “They get to be so big that they forget what’s really important to the customers. They are just trying to throw anybody they can get on that job to get the job done. I knew we could do a better job.”

Offering “hourly rates with no hidden fees,” Prince Movers can handle any size moving job that meets the minimum of two hours moving time and one-hour travel charge.

Prince had been working for a moving company for about four years when he began getting recommendations to start his own business.

“The other guys were telling me, ‘You should become a contractor,’” Prince said. “You get a percentage, so the pay goes up.”

After finding success as a contractor, Prince started his own company in September of 2016, starting from scratch with Prince Movers.

“I started at a bad time because September is going into the slow season,” he said. “I started off with nothing, but I got on Yelp and I got a Facebook page and I started getting calls on Facebook.

“I ended up hooking up with Arminco; they remodel dentist’s offices. They needed a mover to help move dentist’s chairs and x-ray machines and that helped me out a lot. I still had a lot of good relationships with people I had worked with and the word of mouth started going.”

Prince said that positive word of mouth, particularly through reviews on social media, helped his business turn the corner.

“After the summer of 2017, I started seeing all of these 5-star reviews coming in,” he said. “I knew we were doing the right thing and building the right kind of foundation that I wanted.”

Prince said his business model, and what sets him apart is simple: Honesty and customer service from beginning to end.

“I feel like whenever I go in to do a home estimate, I feel like I’m always going to get the job,” Prince said. “I don’t go in there like I’m a salesman. I go in there like I’m a worker. I’m going to tell you straight up what I think and I am going to be completely honest with you.”

“I really feel like I am going to become your friend, somebody you can trust, in that first 15 minutes that I’m there. I’ve always seen that when you become (on a) friendship level with people on a job, when something does go wrong it’s better to work things out.”

Prince also said he doesn’t believe the job is done until the customer is satisfied.

“With the bigger companies, I could see how the management and office dealt with customers and how things happened with filing claims and things like that,” he said. “I just knew that I could do better than that.”

Prince said his company and his crews will go the extra mile to make the moving experience as painless as possible.

“It’s important that I have happy customers, every day,” he said. “They’re the one who are going to help me grow; their word of mouth.”

Prince said his crews feed off his energy and enthusiasm.

“A lot of my guys are the same guys who have been with me since I was a contractor,” he said. “They know how I work – I like to move. When I’m working the stairs, I’m running the stairs. They like that.”

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Joseph Dill