Immigration Sights and Sounds at ADAMS

Immigration Sights and Sounds at ADAMS

As the administration of president Donald Trump battles with the federal courts about the legality of the executive order banning travel from seven predominately Muslim countries, thousands across America have come out to show support for Muslims and others impacted. Loudoun County, home to an airport were several travelers from the impacted countries were detained or turned away, is no exception. From Dulles International Airport to the steps of Sterling’s All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) center, supporters of all background and faiths have been regularly gathering to show unity.

On Feb. 3, the Tribune spoke with several of those outside ADAMS to hear first hand why so many felt compelled to show their support.

“I kept thing about all my son’s classmates. We’re in Ashburn, and we live in a little townhouse community that’s like the United Nations. There’s everybody in there. And we kept thinking ‘there’s kids in my son’s class in this school. How is this affecting them?’ They must be terribly frightened and we can’t let them stand alone. We all belong here.” – Susan Adams

“Everyone is talking through Facebook this day age. Actually physically being there resonates more with everyone than sending a post on Facebook.” – Cristina Brunton

“I just really hope the Muslim community as a whole knows there’s more of us than there are people who are afraid. We’re not going to hang back. We’re going to stand up.” – Brynn Quick

“I’m here to preach love not hate, and the fight against racism and hatred and evil. There are too many people doing the complete opposite, and it’s unacceptable. I don’t feel it has a place in our society.” -Dylan Rosenberg