Therapeutic Floating Works its Magic

Therapeutic Floating Works its Magic

Owners Brooks and Amy Brinson celebrate the first anniversary of Om Float with Loudoun County Supervisor Ron Meyer.

When Brooks and Amy Brinson moved to northern Virginia from Dallas in 2011, they brought their floatation tank with them. Few knew anything about the approach or the benefits of flotation therapy, so they started to share their experience with others.

After struggling to figure out how to turn their passion into a business, they settled on a location in Ashburn and opened the doors to Loudoun County’s first flotation therapy center — Om Float.

Floatation is not new but few are familiar with it. It’s used to treat effectively stress, anxiety, jet lag, physical aches, arthritis, fibromyalgia and to improve concentration and creativity. Sports performance can also be enhanced from floating, and Om Float has had several visits from Washington Redskins players, Brooks Brinson said.

This month Om Float marks its first anniversary. To celebrate, customers, supporters and elected officials participated in an open house celebration on March 10. Supervisor Ron Meyer (R-Broad Run) presented the Brinsons with an plaque recognizing their investment in the community.

Om Float has four operational tanks, with a fifth on the way.  They want to add a sixth tank and hopefully a massage therapist, Amy Brinson said.

Om Float had cake and mini cupcakes for customers during its open house, and a cake replica of the floatation tanks made by the Stacked Custom Cakes.

Customers can book 90 minute flotation sessions where they float in ten inches of water with epson salt.  The water in the tanks is two to three times more dense than the Dead Sea, Amy Brinson said, so everyone floats regardless of size or weight. Music plays at the beginning of the session to help customers relax, but eventually fades out so that customer can experience the sensory deprivation that allows for total relaxation, Brinson said.

The water is kept at skin temperature. Music and lights come up at the end of the session to let customers know when to exit the tank, and help with customers who may have fallen asleep.  The music and lights are all operated through an automated system and a filtration system fully drains and cleans the water, Brinson said.

In addition to the tank experience, Om Float also offers meditation sessions twice a month on Sunday afternoons.

“People gather and share positive energy,” Amy Brinson said.

While the couple now lives in Loudoun, they did not follow football or recognize Reskins players at first.

“A starting linebacker came in and he was a big guy so I asked him if he was an athlete and he laughed and said ‘you could say that,'” Brooks Brinson said.

Stories like this are some of Brooks Brinson’s favorite memories of the past year at Om Float. The couple agreed it was also exciting to reach milestones like the first time their calendar was completely booked. Amy Brinson also enjoys hearing how the floating sessions attract repeat customers.

“One guy said he used to bite his nails all the time, but after three floats, he had stopped completely,” she said. “Hearing stories like that is really great.”