Open Burning Ban Rescinded By Fire Marshal’s Office

Open Burning Ban Rescinded By Fire Marshal’s Office

Effective immediately, the open burning ban that was placed into effect March 14 is rescinded. The ban is being lifted as atmospheric conditions and current weather forecasts have improved; though the public is still urged to use caution when conducting any open burning. The current open burning regulations, the “4 p.m. law”, remain in effect through midnight April 30.
Open air fires for leaves, tree, brush, yard and garden trimmings generated onsite are allowed between sunrise and 4 p.m. except in the town limits of Leesburg, Lovettsville, Middleburg, Purcellville, Round Hill, and areas of Loudoun County that are part of a subdivision (urban or built up areas).

Legally set open-air fires are subject to all local regulations. Specifically:
• Fires must be 50 feet from a structure and pose no hazards to a roadway.
• Fires must be reported to the ECC at 703-777-0637 before ignition and when the fire is out.
• Fires shall be attended by a competent person 18  or older at all times, with provisions for control and extinguishment available.
• Fires must not be added to after midnight.
• If at any time the fire is not attended and/or a means of extinguishment not immediately available, it must be fully extinguished.
• Legally set fires are allowed to smolder between midnight and 4 p.m. hours provided they are appropriately attended with means for extinguishment, and no additional fuel load is added during this time-frame.

The Loudoun County Fire Marshal may impose regulations, at any time, based upon complaint, atmospheric or other environmental circumstances, to restrict or extinguish any fire that is otherwise permitted according to these guidelines.

For questions or additional information about open burning, call 703-737-8600 or visit

Joseph Dill