Pence Speaks During Trump Campaign Event at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville

Pence Speaks During Trump Campaign Event at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville

Before a crowd of several hundred, Indiana Gov. and 2016 Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence spoke at a scheduled campaign stop Aug. 27 at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville. Pence stressed the need for America to reject Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and instead support republican nominee Donald Trump.

“People can elect the person who personified the failed establishment in Washington D.C. or we can elect a leader who will fight every day for the American people from behind the desk of the oval office.”

Pence hit Clinton on her record as secretary of state, saying the current administration has a policy of leading America from behind. He also said she left Americans in harms way in the 2012 Bengazi terrorist attacks. Additionally, Pence said Clinton’s comments at the ensuing congressional hearings on the attacks should disqualify her from serving as commander in chief.

“Donald Trump will lead on the world state with American strength and the world will be safe as a result,” Pence said.

Speaking in front of many student and faculty of the Christian Patrick Henry College, Pence also talked about his faith, referring himself as “A Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.” A former member of the House of Representatives, Pence talked about his admiration for former Republican Virginia 10th District representative Frank Wolfe. Pence commended Wolf’s efforts to fight for human rights and values. Wolf, who retired from congress in 2014 after serving 17 terms in office, joined Pence briefly on stage.

As part of a nearly 30 minute speech, Pence also talked about unfair treatment for the Trump campaign by the media.

“Everyday it almost feels like two on one,” Pence said. “They parse everything Trump is doing in the last 30 minutes. They forget to go over the things the Clinton’s have been doing for the past 30 years.”

The crowd immediately responded with loud cries of “Locker Her Up!”, a popular chant on the campaign trail directed toward Clinton for her handling of confidential emails while in the state department.

Pence also discussed ideas for economic growth. He said the Trump administration would end the Estate Tax, also known as “Death Tax”, would lower taxes on companies of all sizes and prepare Virginia, as well as the rest of the country, to compete with companies across the world. Pence further stated Trump would from his first day in office would put a moratorium on all new federal regulations and would repeal all executive orders by current president Barack Obama.

Others Speak on Behalf of Trump, Pence During Event

Among the other speakers at the event was Marjorie Dannenfelser, founder of the Susan B Anthony List, a pro-life advocacy group. Before formally introducing him as part of the speech, she affirmed Pence’s pro-life credentials to a highly receptive crowd, explaining how as governor of Indiana he was a defunder of Planned Parenthood “before it was cool.” She also commended him for his actions signing into law a bill that outlawed preventative abortions of the developmentally disabled.

Dannenfelser went on to say that Trump’s selection of Pence to the ticket was a confirmation of the presidential nominee’s pro-life commitment.

Republican National Committee of Virginia candidate Cynthia Dunbar spoke out against the current presidential administration, labeling some actions of the federal government as “tyranny.”

“Donald Trump won’t be swayed by political correctness,” Dunbar said. “We need to be the party of right, not by label only, but because we demand leadership that won’t just say what is right but do what is right.”

Prince William County Board of Supervisors chair and 2017 Virginia gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart served as a host for the event, introducing the other speakers on stage. He spoke about the significance of the election, as well as the Commonwealth’s place in it.

“There is no more important state than the Commonwealth of Virginia. The entire world will be looking at Virginia,” Stewart said. “I want nothing more than to say Loudoun County put forth Donald Trump as president of the U.S.”

Crowd of Supporters, Protesters Come to Listen

Many in the crowd came with Trump campaign signs or red “Make America Great Again” hats supporting the two candidates. Audience members said they were concerned about issues ranging from veterans affairs to healthcare to boarder security to job creation.

“It’s time for America to wake up. There are a lot of things wrong and I don’t like the direction the country is going in,” said attendee Jeanette Mino.

“If he fixes just a third of what he says, 20 percent, I’d be ecstatic,” she said.

Another attendee, Lauren Boothby, said she liked Trump for his uncooth nature that has been considered offensive by many others. She said she liked his positions against the government and was “nice to have not just a politician run.”

“He’s energized the silent majority,” Boothby said. “It’s tired of being ignored.”

The rally drew a small crowd of protesters. Erin Lester, a Patrick Henry College alumna, was among them.

“I despise Trump and don’t want people to assume that because Pence is speaking at Patrick Henry that people from the school support Trump,” Lester said.