Photos: VSA Presents “The Parade Train”

For the 27th year, VSA participants have shared their gifts and talents through a theatrical production.

VSA of Loudoun County offers a wide range of artistic opportunities for individuals with and without disabilities. Participants can foster their abilities in anything from photography to painting to theater.

“It’s been a wonderful experience for (everyone). Many of these children don’t have these experiences, they don’t have them in high school, they don’t have them anywhere here,” said VSA board member Jody Rodgers. “And here, we’ve seen unbelievable experiences where these children go from not being able to express themselves to going to town.”

This year, players put on The Parade Train, a musical written by local artist Alice Power. The play shows the history to the eponymous train, which would pick up Loudoun children in the early 20th century and bring them to Purcellville for a parade to celebrate the nation’s history.

The play featured players of all age groups and abilities. Set in 1916, The Parade Train led viewers through each of the town stops in the county, with each stop showcasing a new song.

“Every year I don’t think this is going to happen, and every year I’m dumbfounded by how wonderful it is,” Rodgers said.