Report Clarification Leads Republicans to Back Off Maloney Resignation Demands

Report Clarification Leads Republicans to Back Off Maloney Resignation Demands

The Loudoun County Republican Committee has rescinded demands for county School Board member Joy Maloney’s resignation following a better understanding of details behind Maloney’s arrest for trespassing at a Donald Trump campaign rally in Ashburn on Aug. 2.

According to LCRC chairman Will Estrada, clarification from the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office that Maloney was merely trying to cut in line, not obstruct others from entering the event at the Briar Woods High School auditorium, lead the group to back off resignation demands.

“Though it’s still embarrassing and disgracful, I think, from the position of the school board that a school board member was arrested, and she wasn’t following law enforcement’s advice, it’s not the same thing as physically blocking a door so that people can’t get into the school,” Estrada said.

Sheriff’s department spokesperson Kraig Troxell confirmed reports that Maloney had stepped in front of several attendees waiting to go inside but hadn’t blocked them from entering the school.

Moment before the arrest, Maloney stepped out of the line and appeared on a facebook video for the Voice of America, where she voiced her displeasure with Trump’s policies. When she was unable to get back in line, she sat on the ground until being removed by police officers and charged with trespassing.

Earlier in the week, Loudoun democrats stood behind the Broad Run district school board member. The committee issued a press release saying Maloney had in fact not interfered with anyone and had just wanted her original spot in line back.

“We Democrats stand by our members and fully support Joy,” said Marty Martinez, chairperson of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, through a press release. “We will stand together supporting inclusiveness, families and peace, instead of being divisive, prejudiced and just plain angry.”