Reid Holds Kickoff Event for Leesburg Council Race

Reid Holds Kickoff Event for Leesburg Council Race

Ken Reid kicked off his 2016 campaign for Leesburg Town Council with an event at the historic Glenfiddich house in Leesburg.

“We need a council that is going to act proactively towards the future and not just do stuff by the seat of the pants,” Reid said.

Reid, a former member of the town council and Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, talked about major issues and concerns facing the town, including congestion on the north part of RT 15 near Raspberry Falls, worries about gang activity as well as Downtown development. He spoke out against the town’s proposal for an extension of a new brick sidewalk Downtown, and also warned about the potential for government offices to leave the town for Ashburn.

Additionally, Reid discussed the importance of government efficiency and cooperation between the Board of Supervisors and Leesburg Town Council, especially in zoning and planning. He cited the construction of the Chipotle restaurant in Leesburg as an example, saying it took two years for approval.

Reid also talked about spurring economic development in the town’s Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Zone.

“Having a HUB Zone is in some respects not a badge of honor but a badge of neglect because it shows that have the richest county in the state, one of the richest in the country and we have a historically underutilized business zone and I don’t think that’s a good thing.” Reid said. “That’s a something we need to recognize. We’re not gaining those business taxes and our share of the revenue picture is flat.”

State senator Jill Vogel (R-27), who is seeking the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor, said Reid is “the hardest working man in government” and lauding his work ethic.

“A real test of a person, and how committed they are and how dedicated they are, is how hard do they work when no one is looking,” Vogel said. “How much do they have their nose to the grindstone, how much of an axe are they grinding when non one’s actually there paying attention, and let me tell you, he’s got the axe grinding all the time.”

“Those are the kinds of people you need working for you when it comes to the taxes, when it comes to the policies in your community,” Vogel said.