Retreat Planned for Loudoun Board Strategic Planning

Retreat Planned for Loudoun Board Strategic Planning

Later this month, Loudoun supervisors will gather for a retreat at George Washington University in Ashburn to discuss their vision and for the county and how best to move their collective agenda forward.

The June 24 retreat will focus on items identified by Christine Becker, a retreat facilitator who interviewed each member of the Board of Supervisors to find areas of agreement.

Maintaining the quality of life, embracing the county’s diversity and creating a vision for a dynamic safe future were among the areas of agreement. In addition, supervisors agreed on areas of concern, including a desire to preserve the character of the county, responding adequately to growth, making sure the coming Metro system benefits residents, reacting to changes in the state’s proffer law and maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Every supervisor talked about transportation and economic development.

“There was a considerable amount of consensus, particularly around the vision for the county and also around the major challenges that you face,” Becker said, adding that she counted diversity, cooperation and commitment among the board’s strengths.