Local Officials Commemorate Russell Branch Parkway Connection

Local Officials Commemorate Russell Branch Parkway Connection

Loudoun County officials commemorated the completion of the Russell Branch Parkway with a ribbon cutting ceremony Sep. 7.

Several Board of Supervisors members joined officials from the county Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure for the ceremonial opening of the road project, which connects Ashburn Road to Ashburn Village Blvd. along Russell Branch Parkway.

“It means not just a lot for commuters because it’s easier to get around, it means a lot for economic development,” said Broad Run District Supervisor Ron Meyer. “What we’ve seen is that with these sorts of road projects completing, we’ve seen more business start popping up around them.”

Originally identified as a missing link in the Eastern Loudoun Transportation Study, the project was funded and administered by the county. The project was awarded to William A Hazel, Inc. in January 2015.

The construction cost more than $6.4 million and includes 1,800 linear feet of four-lane, median-divided roadway. Improvements to the nearby trails, sidewalks, crosswalks and traffic signals were also part of the project.

“There was no state money in this project. No federal money in this project,” said Ashburn District Supervisor Ralph Buona. “This is something that everybody here has to be proud of because frankly we’re taking matters into our own hands and if we aren’t going to get roads built where they’re supposed to be in the state, we’ll get them opened ourselves.”