Sheriff’s Office Commemorated for Another Re-Accreditation

Sheriff’s Office Commemorated for Another Re-Accreditation

In the latest commemoration for area law enforcement, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office was recognized by the Board of Supervisors on March 7 for its fifth-consecutive accreditation.

“They are a model agency for accreditation in this state. I’d put them up against anybody, anytime. It’s a great agency that you have here. They’re worthy of being honored here today,” said Derrick Mays of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

In addition to annual compliance reports, the LCSO went through a three-day assessment process in December to maintain accreditation. State assessors from the Virginia Law Enforcement Professionals Standards Commission (VLEPSC) evaluated the office in 192 standard areas, including patrol, administrative and special operation functions, court security, civil process, criminal investigations and budgeting.

Loudoun earned the first of its four-year accreditation periods in 1999 and is currently one of 96 state accredited agencies in Virginia. The latest accreditation shows Loudoun has once again met the qualifications of the VLEPSC.

“Accreditation means your agency is transparent,” Mays said. “This means that no matter what happens I can send in people from anywhere in the state of Virginia, and three days later they’re going to walk out with a smile on their face, because this agency, with the sheriff, with the people he has in place conducting his work, every day for four years have transparently made this happen.”

The LCSO first received formal accreditation from the VLEPSC in January. Loudoun saw a 16 percent decrease in crime in 2016 and for the second-consecutive year had the lowest crime rate in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

Speaking at the March 7 Board of Supervisors meeting, VLEPSC Board Member and New Kent County Sheriff Joe McLaughlin said Loudoun has gained the respect of sheriffs’ offices across Virginia.

“This is a top notch agency, run by a fine sheriff who sets an example for all of us across the commonwealth,” McLaughlin said.