Parent Alliance to Examine Standardized Testing in Loudoun

Parent Alliance to Examine Standardized Testing in Loudoun

Standardized testing is a part of every student’s life, but as curricula have been molded to teach to tests, they have become increasingly controversial.

The Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents will be discussing this topic at its monthly meeting at 7 p.m. March 8 at the LCPS Administrative Building. The meeting will focus on standardized testing’s impact on innovation and creativity and if there are other ways to hit the standards of learning without “teaching to the test.”

It will also examine the role of SATs and ACTs. Some colleges are no longer taking them into account and if this becomes a growing trend, it could impact Loudoun students.

When Dr. Eric Williams came on board as superintendent, he said that his mission would be to implement One to the World throughout LCPS and that this would be hit the SOL requirements without teaching to the test. One to the World is an instructional initiative that addresses what an LCPS graduate should know and be able to do. This instructional approach focuses on significant content, important competencies and the joy of teaching and learning.

“From what I’ve seen, he has been true to his word and we are seeing OTTW projects being implemented at all the schools,” LEAP Vice President of Communication Juana Kazmierczak said. “I have heard from parents that they are very encouraged about the new emphasis.”

LEAP is a non-partisan network that promotes interaction between parents, teachers, School Board members and members of the LCPS Administrative Team.  The organization’s meetings, conducted on the second Wednesday of each month, allows county parents to share their opinions and gives school board members, county officials and state government officials an opportunity to listen to parent input and educate themselves on community concerns.

Dr. Ashley F. Ellis, LCPS director, instructional programs; Leigh Bennett, LCPS supervisor, assessment services; William Brazier, LCPS supervisor, social science and global studies; Dr. KH Kim, professor of creativity and innovation at the College of William and Mary, will all speak at the March 8 meeting.