State Democrats, GOP Chair Differ on Comments Linking Trump, Comstock

State Democrats, GOP Chair Differ on Comments Linking Trump, Comstock

Virginia Democrats and Loudoun County Republican Committee Chair Will Estrada differed Aug. 19 on the intents of comments Estrada made in an interview with BBC America.

In the video piece released Aug. 19 and titled “How Trump Might Hurt Congressional Republicans,” Estrada says “(Comstock) is doing what a lot of voters are doing: they support the principals Donald Trump stands for as a Republican, but they’re still making up their mind.”

The Democratic Party of Virginia released an email shortly after the video was published with the headline “Loudoun County GOP Chair: Comstock Supports ‘the same principles that Donald Trump stands for’.”

“Congresswoman Barbara Comstock supports Donald Trump, his misguided and offensive principles, and his reckless policies, so it should come as no surprise that Loudoun County GOP Chair Will Estrada confirmed it during an interview with the BBC,” the email said.

“As the chair of the most important Republican committee in her district confirmed, Congresswoman Comstock and Donald Trump share the same principles and policy agenda,” said Robert Howard, spokesperson for LuAnn Bennett, who is running against Comstock. “Whether restricting a women’s right to choose, opposing equal pay for equal work, or advocating for restrictive immigration policies, the Trump-Comstock agenda is out of touch with Northern Virginia.”

Estrada denied that he was linking Comstock and Trump with his comments, instead saying he meant Republicans stand behind certain values as a group. He also said that each individual needs to make his or her own decisions.

“This is a desperate and flailing campaign trying to spin things,” Estrada said.

In an interview earlier in the day Aug. 19 with the Tribune, Comstock continued her policy of not endorsing Trump, the Republican nominee for president. She said she envisions herself more in the mold of Florida senator and 2016 presidential candidate Marco Rubio, whom she endorsed in the Republican primaries.