• To the Editor: Comstock votes wrong on guns0

    In your recent interview with Representative Barbara Comstock (VA-10), she stated that she has a “strong record dealing with gun violence”. Nothing could be further from the truth, and Barbara Comstock’s voting record tells the true story of where she stands on gun violence prevention. As a State Delegate, Barbara Comstock voted to repeal Virginia’s

  • To the Editor: Comstock shows up0

    Where is LuAnn Bennett?  If she wants my vote, shouldn’t she be willing to show up and ask for it?  It does not seem like too much to ask. Mrs. Bennett has failed to show up at a number of important community events in Loudoun County.  She did not attend the Leesburg-Daybreak Rotary Club’s 10th

  • To the Editor: Comstock fights Human Trafficking

    To the Editor: Comstock fights Human Trafficking0

    Living in Loudoun County is such a mixed blessing.  My kids and I have a nice lifestyle. My wife and I have owned and operated successful small businesses for over 27 years, live in a safe neighborhood, and we enjoy terrific museums just 30 miles east of us.  All in all, we have a good,

  • To the Editor: Comstock has Delivered for Tech Industry

    To the Editor: Comstock has Delivered for Tech Industry0

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    • September 29, 2016

    Technology is everywhere in Loudoun County, and we need leaders who understand how technology and the economy of our region are intertwined.  Congresswoman Barbara Comstock has a record of working extensively with our business and technology communities. Barbara served on the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC), and has been a leader in supporting technology and