To the Editor: Bennett Wrong on Cost of Obamacare

Our representative in Congress, Barbara Comstock, has my vote come November 8. Her voting record of helping small businesses has earned her the NFIB endorsement.

She has voted to roll back the Obama Administration’s Overtime Rule, which has bipartisan opposition in both the business and academic sectors. She was instrumental in passing a 5-year transportation bill which brings $6.2 billion to Virginia. And, perhaps most importantly, she voted to send an Obamacare repeal bill to the president’s desk.

Legally, Obamacare is known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Perhaps no one calls it that anymore because, as we approach the fourth enrollment period, we have seen that it is anything but affordable.

We have seen premiums increase every year since Obamacare was implemented. And reports this week indicate we are about to see premiums explode by 25%, which is more than triple the increase previously expected. So, empirically, this destroys any notion that Obamacare is affordable.

I had never even heard any of President Obama’s loyalists make the claim that coverage has gotten more affordable under the ACA–at least, not with a straight face. But all that changed when I went to the first debate between Rep. Comstock and her DC-based challenger, Luann Bennett.

Bennett actually said, with a straight face, that health insurance had gotten more affordable under Obamacare. Now, the entire room immediately lost it and started laughing, but Bennett didn’t laugh or clarify her statement. The straight-faced manner in which she said it showed that she meant it.

Needless to say, this DC resident who thinks Obamacare had made healthcare more affordable is not fit to represent small businesses in our district. Rep. Comstock is the only choice for Virginia’s Tenth.

Rachel Kahler