To the Editor: Chamber of Commerce Wrong on Nightlife

Tony Howard is cut from the same cloth as the money-obsessed businessmen who ruined Arlington and Falls Church, both places I used to live. They couch their arguments in such caring terms for the welfare of all. I know better; such people are only interested in unending growth and lining their wallets. While the areas they develop are destroyed little by little, they are living far away on the pristine acreage their ill-gotten gains have purchased.

I thought Loudoun County was different, but I suppose I should know better. Entertainment and the dollars that come with it are all that drive so-called “quality of life” for some in our society.

Nightlife always has and always will bring with it familiar problems: DUIs, traffic congestion, drugs, gang problems, and all the rest. The lives of those already living in Loudoun will never be the same from this point forward. Believe me, I have been through it before and know whereof I speak.

However, money always has the last word, and I am glad I saw Loudoun County while it was still a decent place to live.

Peter J. Keefe
Ashburn, VA