To the Editor: Comstock has Delivered for Tech Industry

To the Editor: Comstock has Delivered for Tech Industry

Technology is everywhere in Loudoun County, and we need leaders who understand how technology and the economy of our region are intertwined.  Congresswoman Barbara Comstock has a record of working extensively with our business and technology communities. Barbara served on the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC), and has been a leader in supporting technology and innovation.

As a state delegate, Barbara wrote the law to expand the billion-dollar Data Center industry. In Loudoun County alone, Data Centers add $104 million in tax revenue every single year.  That money helps pay for our local schools and roads. According to a NVTC study, for every $1 in Loudoun County services used by Data Centers, Data Centers provide $9.50 in tax revenue to Loudoun County.  That is a win for all of us, and thanks to Barbara Comstock without Data Center revenues – taxes in Loudoun County would no doubt be higher.

In Congress, Barbara has continued to support technology.  As Chairwoman of the Research and Technology Subcommittee, Barbara has focused on cyber security.  Earlier this year she chaired a hearing where John Wood, CEO of Loudoun based Telos Corporation testified on how the federal government can learn from the private sector on cyber security and be nimble.

Congresswoman Comstock supported the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act. This major tax relief legislation is a crucial initiative toward policies that help technology firms by making the Research and Development tax credit permanent.  This will allow these firms to plan for the long-term and bring more certainty.  This legislation also helps Loudoun families by continuing the Child Tax Credit. But that’s not all Barbara has done for families in Loudoun. She even started a Young Women’s Leadership Program, which has provided young girls, including my own daughter, with the opportunity to meet women who hold leadership roles in many different professions.

Barbara has a clear understanding of our 10th District and issues facing our tech and business communities with her proven record of getting results, and I look forward to voting for Barbara Comstock this November.

Sanjay Rao