To the Editor: Comstock votes right on gun laws

To the Editor: Comstock votes right on gun laws

In your recent interview with Representative Barbara Comstock (VA-10), she stated that she has a “strong record dealing with gun violence”.  This statement is TRUE!

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock has worked with [Loudoun County] Sheriff Mike Chapman to reduce gun violence, human trafficking, and heroin abuse!  She has been a STRONG Supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the right for every individual to protect themselves and their family from the threat of deadly attack!

It is because of legislators like Senator Dick Black, Senator Jill Vogel, Senator Bryce Reeves, and Congresswoman Barbara Comstock that we are safer in Virginia than most places in the United States!  Every individual in America should have the right to carry and protect themselves!  This should span across every state like a driver’s license!

I am so proud of her support for the National Rifle Association and law enforcement that I will always VOTE for Barbara Comstock for Congress!

God Bless Barbara Comstock, the Constitution, and our Freedoms and Gun Rights!

James B. Montfort III
President & Founder
Americans for Constitutional Law and Rights
Potomac Falls