Globalists in Retreat

Globalists in Retreat

By John H. Hilton.

He said it.  He actually said the words!  President Trump, in his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), said the words I and so many other Americans have been waiting a generation to hear.  In a nutshell, Trump stated emphatically that his presidency has one mission- to serve the citizens of the United States and make our country great.  His job, he asserted is not about any global order or global identity of any kind.  No, Trump insisted, the United States government has one master and one agenda to which all else is subordinate: the Constitution of the United States and the security and well-being of the American people.

These words should be no surprise to anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of U.S. history.  Yet they are stark in their comparison to the slogans of every president since Ronald Reagan.  Because President Trump and his views are in charge (probably for the next eight years), we won’t have to put up with President Barak Obama’s “citizen of the world” mantra.  We have also been liberated from the disturbing “new world order” of both Presidents Bush.  There is no such thing as a citizen of the world.  People are citizens of a particular nation-state.  And the media and everyone in Washington, D.C. would do well to remember that.  In fact, the very concept of a world citizen was coined and circulated by the communist party.  And the new world order is nothing more than global elites usurping the sovereignty of nation-states, and the citizens thereof,  in favor of their wealth and power (the disaster that is the European Union illustrates well my point).

Why is this important from a business perspective?  Because globalists of all stripes have colluded with much of the corporate world and convinced many in business that because of economic globalization, the nations of the world should change their political structures in like manner.  I will not donate any further time and space attacking the globalist ideology except to make this point: these people and their worldview are silly and dangerous.  If you have a world governing body with any authority and force, what happens when that government (and it will) becomes a tyranny?  There is no escape.  So globalists obviously missed the main point of the Star Wars trilogy.  You know, sovereign peoples and planets fighting and defeating the Evil Galactic Empire.

No, the rest of this column is dedicated to the proposition that we do not need to adjust our constitutional republican system of government one bit to suit the globalizing nature of the world economy.  The argument for doing so betrays an ignorance of economic history.  The Western global economy began in 1492 with the Columbus expedition, settlements in the West Indies and trade between those settlements and Europe.  Anybody know what the first multinational corporation was?  The British East India Company (1600), followed by the Dutch East India Company (1602).  These multinationals predate Jamestown, Plymouth and all other founding of our original thirteen American colonies.  By the time our forefathers had developed an independent sense of state identity and national identity; they lived, worked and traded under the British mercantile system.  This economic order was not only regulated to favor the mother country and her merchants and parliament, but it was vastly global in its reach.

When America through off its British rule in the 1780’s it traded globally and fought wars with the Barbary Pirates in the Mediterranean over the right of access to foreign markets and against paying tribute.  The War of 1812 with Britain began over opposition to our ships and sailors being seized by the British on the high seas.  Our government, yet again, asserted our nation’s right to engage in world-wide commerce without harassment.  Thus, during our time as a colonial subject of the British Empire and our development as a new nation, trade existed all over the Western Hemisphere, Europe, Africa, India and the Far East.

So there has never been a time in the history of the American nation when there was NOT a global economy!  The so-called need to adjust our political system to favor a new economic order is as false a dichotomy as any in the Western political lexicon.  And it has given rise to both an imperialistic and anarchistic mentality; such as multinational companies and their political pawns setting up world-wide and regional trade authorities which bypass the laws of sovereign countries (NAFTA and TPP for example), and the European Union where Brussels bureaucrats and their multinational friends regulate commerce and override lawmakers in sovereign countries in favor of their power.

The globalists predicted that the return to nation-state sovereignty like the Brexit vote to leave the EU in the United Kingdom, and the election of President Trump in the United States would be catastrophic for the corporate world.  Anybody take a serious look at the stock market lately?  And its’ only been a month.  Don’t believe everything you read.

John H. Hilton is a business writer and regular contributor to The Loudoun Tribune. A native northern Virginian, John is a veteran top-producing sales industry leader with expertise in insurance, real estate and financial services.