Volunteers Pack Thousands of Meals to Help Hungry Children

Volunteers Pack Thousands of Meals to Help Hungry Children

About 300 volunteers came together at Broad Run High School on June 23 to pack meals for hungry children in Loudoun County.

Along they way, they also packed the day with fun.

Thanks to the volunteers, Generosity Feeds was able to prepare more than 15,000 filling, nutritious meals.

The meals are being distributed to children through two non-profit organizations – Helping Hungry Kids of Northern Virginia and The Loudoun Backpack Coalition. Both organizations share Generosity Feeds’ mission to help kids who struggle with hunger, and they focus specifically on the Loudoun County area.

“This event will help us give children in the Loudoun County area hope as thousands of nutritious meals are packed and distributed,” Generosity Feeds Founder and CEO Ron Klabunde said. “We’ve come up with a formula that assembles and distributes these meals quickly and efficiently.”

Klabunde said donations to help cover costs and can be given at any time. He said every dollar donated feeds a child in need. For more information, visit GenerosityFeeds.org.

“We worked with a culinary chef to make nutritious meals that kids will love to eat,” Klabunde said. “Our meals are filled with protein and fiber from sustainable sources. They taste good, they’re satisfying and they’re easy to prepare.”

The sponsor for the June 23 event was Applied Insight Technologies.

According to information provided by  Generosity Feeds, about 17 percent of children in Loudoun County struggle with hunger, and more than 13 million children in America face the problem.

Generosity Feeds, is part of the Replenish Community Foudation and a Gold Participant in the GuideStar Nonprofit Exchange (GuideStar.org). GF partners with local businesses, churches, schools and nonprofits to feed hungry children in their communities, because it’s hard for them to thrive when their next meal is uncertain.

For information on how your organization can host a meal-packaging event, visit GenerosityFeeds.org.

Joseph Dill