Want to Help Victims in Houston? Able Moving Has A Way

Want to Help Victims in Houston? Able Moving Has A Way
Pictured: Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey: a dog rests on a property in Crosby, Texas after Harvey on Friday Sept. 1, 2017. (AP Photos/Bill Gorman)

What do several 18-wheel semi-trailer trucks haul to Texas to help hurricane victims?

Anything the community wants to donate.

That is exactly what is happening in Loudoun County and Northern Virginia as Able Moving & Storage has teamed up to support several local communities, churches, businesses, and affiliates to help with the Hurricane Harvey disaster relief.

Able is providing the transportation while other businesses, community organizations, and volunteers are helping with relief supplies and manpower to load and haul the trucks which soon head to Houston to aid storm and flood victims.

“We are dropping one of our trailers as a collection site tomorrow at Gateway Bible Church in South Riding, a second will be dropped at New Life Church in Chantilly over the weekend,” said Steve Kuhn, COO of Able.

Immediate supplies needed consist of cots, air mattresses, dehumidifiers, fans, industrial strength trash bags, gloves, bleach, sprayers (for bleach and chemicals to kill or prevent mold), sheet rock cutters, box cutters, hammers, crow bars, kennels for cats/dogs.

Victims are beginning to get to and into their homes and taking out sheetrock, carpeting, furniture, anything from the flood line down to the base of the home.  Most have to or should spraying for mold while placing fans and dehumidifiers in water drenched rooms to aid in the recovery.

Victims can’t necessarily wait for insurance or government representatives to access the damage or for a contractor to begin to clean up or demolition.

Other supplies which can be dropped off for victims: adult and infant diapers, adult clothing, shoes, paper towels and toilet paper and school supplies.

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Joseph Dill