We Think: Why the Tribune?

We Think: Why the Tribune?
The Loudoun Tribune Lobby

June 16, 2016.

It has been said that newspapers are dinosaurs and more people prefer to get their news online these days. There’s some truth to this when it comes to the traditional, subscription-based newspaper model and its focus. Here in Loudoun County, though, things are different – and so is The Loudoun Tribune.

We are a well-educated and worldly bunch, with an ever-increasing yearning for ways to enrich the quality of our lives and those of our families.

Most of us don’t want to pay for news, and we expect quick, easy access to it. We want information that is timely, accurate and relevant, and at times we want it to provoke us.  We want reliable news sources, and ones that provide information we trust.  We don’t necessarily want to choose one source over another; we want options and balance.

That’s a high bar, and the Tribune is committed to meeting it.

Launched today, the Tribune is Loudoun’s largest circulation newspaper, reaching 112,000 homes in the mail. Our website and social media will reach an even larger audience.

A lot of things happen in Loudoun County every day and we won’t try to cover all of them.  Instead, our editorial approach will be to focus on breaking news, behind-the-scenes stories, and thought-provoking features and opinions.  We’ll be publishing the newspaper once every other week to start, then every week.  Our digital news services will also expand over time, and we’ll be interacting with our readers every day.

We look forward to serving Loudoun County, and to your feedback to help us get better.  After all, a reputation is earned every day.