To the Editor: Have the 60’s Come to Loudoun?

One would hope, perhaps even wager that few of our future business leaders currently enrolled in Loudoun County’s Public Schools participated in this idiot student walkout Friday afternoon, apparently protesting President Trump’s crack down on immigration to the United States from certain violent countries.  Knowing a thing or two about business, I can tell you that Corporate and Small Business leaders prefer to hire young people who actually believe the purpose of going to school is to get an education, not to learn how to be a progressive activist, or a troublemaker — but I repeat myself.  Traditionally, America’s kids are not supposed to be indoctrinated into the ultra-leftist cult until they go to college; which is bad enough, but we should draw the line with minors in public high schools.

One of the leaders of the student walkout suggested that this maneuver is not political, but rather an activity meant to spread awareness about social issues and displeasure with recent actions taken by our President.  We have a word for all that in our public lexicon — political.

Are we in Loudoun County, Virginia, or Berkeley, California?  Is the awful decade of the 1960’s still hanging around like old luggage?

Just a generation ago my classmates and I (in a Northern Virginia High School) gave students who whined about President Reagan’s nuclear arms build-up a gentle ribbing. But none of those students organized a school walkout or anything else disruptive or overtly political.  Times have changed apparently, and I am going to take a stab and guess that this protest walkout was not just spontaneously generated through the ether.  There are progressive (ultra-left) organized protests all over the nation designed to explode with maximum effect at any utterance, let alone action of the Trump administration.  Fine.  It is every American’s right to express positive or negative feedback toward our government.  But children in our schools (and I include 18 year olds who have yet to graduate) should go to class, play sports and learn to cooperate with others in a business-like fashion, because that is where they will work; in a business.  They, and the teachers and administration need not be disturbed by walk-outs, sit-ins or any other useless activity designed to type cast one an “activist.”

What Loudoun County needs (as does the whole of America) are schools that produce doctors, scientists and engineers; not community organizers.  The students of our county have been handed more than nearly any children in the nation, let alone the world.  Our schools give them the latest tools and technological resources in a school district that spends colossal amounts of taxpayer dollars to make them the best and brightest.  The teachers and administration have a moral duty to see that their education is maximized; and that does not include putting ideas into their heads that it might be cool to learn how to be a professional protester.  We have public officials and “organizers” in our county who have gone that route; professional leftist agitators, angry people.  To borrow popular phraseology, they are losers.  May our youth be delivered from that rabble.

There will be ample opportunities for young people to learn about and participate in the political process, but let’s not be silent when malcontents try and use our school children as props for a radical agenda and jeopardize their future grades, reputations and employability.  Because one thing is nearly certain.  President Trump will be here for four years, and he will likely be reelected.  That is eight years my fellow citizens.  Do any of you want your children to spend all four years of high school subjected to this fabricated grievance culture?  Or do you want high SAT scores, good grades and a safe and responsible learning environment?

The bottom line is that the student protestors of the 60’s were spoiled brats, and the students who wish to emulate their silly radical comrades are spoiled brats.  It is 2017 for goodness sake. Time to give the spirit of the 1960’s the boot.

John H. Hilton